April 25, 2006

Colonoscopy = GoLytely?

Watching late night TV is filled with the pharmaceutical comedy skits announcing new drugs.

How am I supposed to remember the name of some drug, completely unrelated to my condition - let's just call it constipation for the moment. The drug was called "Zen" something. From what I heard, let's just say that you better be armed with three pair of skivvies and within reach of a toilet for the day.

If there was a pharmacy section called " Shit Better" I could at least avoid yelling out to the pharmacist - "Hey, what do you have for bloating and constipation.

Late last year, I took the most stupid drug the night before a colonoscopy. Times have changed when the worst part of the procedure comes the night before. You drink a gallon of stuff called - "Go Lytley". For the next 12 hours that is not something that happens. Something including "explosion" would be more fitting.

This is a topic I have blogged about before and it is amazing that these have become an effective way of branding. Insulting really.

In pharmaceutical name game, we need a change - LOOSEN things up, no pun intended.

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