April 18, 2006

Dave Chapelle on iTunes - a deal - trust me!

There is no doubt about it. I love to laugh. I just spent three days with some of my oldest buddies, skiing, drinking, eating etc…buddies that just make me laugh. Next to family, there is nothing better.

On the way up to Whistler, I treated myself to the $1.99 Dave Chapelle iTunes video download. What a treat. He kills me even though it is not his best work. He connects with you, regardless of race and color, and you feel his passion for the craft.

As Karma would have it, I saw Dave’s picture on the cover of Esquire magazine in the airport on my way home, and picked it up. The lame interview aside, there was one good quote from Dave:

“It’s like someone saying, ‘You’re the CEO of a $50 million company – good luck! And than kinda leaving to your own devices. I’ve been a comedian since I was fourteen. But I’ve never really been a CEO.”

This is a man that has something to say and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say next. Just stop talking to the idiots at Esquire and call me. I am buying the dip in your stock!

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