April 24, 2006

"Feed Mayo to the Tuna" - as it relates to the iPod.

One of the great lines of all time - delivered by Bill Blazejowski - and one of a bunch of killer lines from "Night Shift " a must own for any serious movie collector. Also from Night Shift - "That Barney Rubble, What an actor!"

Most movies today just suck, but I generally consider a movie o.k. if it has one or two memorable lines.

That is what i can't wait to see available in iTunes or Google Video if they want to win my business.

I want to create a loop with all my favorite lines from movies. Create 10 minute mixes. I want it available so that when I am with friends, chatting about the movie or line from a movie, I can pull it up. More great moments=more sales and loyalty. This is what I need and this is why I experiment.

If you know how I can do this now - please let me know.

PS - This weekend, I saw a classic. Brad Feld sums it up pretty well - I don't know if he had a laptop in the movie writing down the lines or a sick memory.

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