April 18, 2006

For my son Max - open immediately!

Nothing better than returning home to my awesome wife and kids in Sunny Phoenix.

While I was away, I was proud to learn that my 6-year old son Max, started a neighborhood business, raking leaves. In case my neighbors start asking for a resume, I will have to start a blog for him. My wife thinks there will be less spelling errors than my blog.

As further evidence of the importance of blogging, the Boston Globe did a piece on Blogs being essential to a good career.

Let me explain this one last time to the blogging bubble skeptics. The resume, if not dead yet, should be. Why do I want some stale resume when I could see into your ability to think and reason. Let's assume that 10 percent of the people that take the time to post resumes on Monster.com , Jobing.com , etc... are smart enough to start a blog. The numbers are STAGGERING as my buddy Blair would say!

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