April 10, 2006

Gambling our future away?

With Gold passing $600 it is amazing that we have not seen Maria Bartoromo or Bob PissANT blabbering about it on CNBC. I watch for 20 minutes every morning just in case they report actual news. That is a wasted 20 minutes - I know.

At $600 it is no longer just a small move - the trend is really startying to assert itself in some exponential way.

My gut says this is the beginning because I want to sell, even go short.

I was just reading and thinking how serious this gold move really is because it is a real confidence play at some level. Bush and our leadership and big corporate America has really engineered a gamble on Asia. I think we will pay big on the next government switch. The Gold market is truly starting to scream this, the bond market is starting to scream this and the Oil market has been screaming this for three years.

Funny thing is - we have to go offshore to gamble sports on the internet but can use E-Trade and Schwab every day to bet on corrupt CEO's throwing the game. How is what the Fortune 500 CEO's doing any different than a Quarterback throwing a football game? Why is a broker at Merrill recommending GM better than a nude guy at home betting against the Cardinal's with a US taxable gambling entity. You can't convince me their is a difference. Shame on us. The least we could do is legalize internet gambling, punish the spammers and give that money to our soldiers and New Orleans. The bad would lead to some good. There has to be a way to measure that greater good and implement it!

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