April 09, 2006

GolfNow.com rising on Alexa!

Who knows whether Alexa is accurate. One thing I use it for is trends.

I am excited to see GolfNow.com rise rapidly through the ranking since we moved from a local strategy to the GolfNow.com brand. Today I did my alexaholic comparison and WOOHOOO at the results! When our Arizona, Florida and Texas area codes go to GolfNow.com the numbers should really reflect our dominance in golf eyeballs. Our page views are way up as well.

Today, even with the Master's content surely dominating the golf space, our tee time and community site is passing our competition. Tee times is the gateway to the whole space. Time Warner buys Golf.com but should have used the money to buy GolfNow.com. No wonder the stock languishes. They keep buying boring, me too media sites with loud flashing ads. Putz's.

Just flipping through my blogroll and see that Fred Wilson posted a beauty on the subject of big media companies snoozing.

Glad to here GolfNow is getting more popular.

thx - long way to go
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