April 20, 2006

Google - for now they represent all that is GOOD with the stock market, maybe the world!

I am not a fan of everything related to Google as my past blogs suggest, but have repeatedly owned the stock and it has been chronicled on the blog. They will never be perfect - who can - other than Long Term Capital or Enron!

Their earnings report tonight is well chronicled at every lame media site. The stock is up 40 points or something so it must have been good - right? (rhetorical question)


Forecast and Outlook - Not supplied.

That is the GOOD they represent to me. The forecast (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) is a total crock of shit given by 99.9999 pie squared cubed percent of public companies analysts and brokerage houses. I can't forecast my day tomorrow, even though I have given myself much leeway for meetings, meals, calls, writing, family, etc...Those that follow the advice of these outlooks and analyst reports are for the most part - lazy lemmings.

Google broke this LONGEST OF TERM TRENDS. The trend of catering to Wall Street. That is the trend worth now watching for traction. They have paved the way for public markets to change. Change the way young, REAL, GOOD companies can go public. Changed the way public markets work. Put some power and hope back in the hands of the individual investor. They were chastised by Wall street for doing a different IPO. They beat up Goldman on their last commission deal. I have not ever read a journalist talk about why Google is GOOD based on all this HOPE they give.

As Al Pacino (Col. Frank Slade) said in "Scent of a Woman" when he berated the Baird School lynch mob committee for trying to get Charlie to roll on his classmates : " ...coddle this boy... "

To further understand the good of Google, let's look at a recent BAD perpetrated by Wall Street - Portal Player.

Hot company, making chips for Apple's iPod. Wall Street somehow floated this deal to the public by perfectly executing one of their ponzi schemes - tight float, good PR. Portal Player had one customer at the time of their IPO. They were a component player and Apple has a history of changing vendors. This one was a matter of time only. Today - the bomb was dropped on the public.

Shame on us! But "HOOHA" for Google.

PS - A great Google post by someone more Google oriented

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