April 28, 2006

Google is great...cont'd.

I forget how I found BuyGoogle.com, but each time I read it I like it better and better. I am by no means a technology expert, nor a market expert - just someone trying to interpret the tea leaves and find some trends and opportunities. When I find a blog that is worthy of reading - as it relates to my interests, I share it immediately in the blogroll, hoping that you get as excited about it as me.

Goofing on Microsoft today is not meant to make fun of the shareholder's or the employees.I am reading and now writing to help me get a better feel for surviving financially.

Today's market reaction to Microsoft is very serious. It is the biggest percentage drop since the year 2000 when up and down 10 percent moves were ordinary. It is a $30 million (woops billion - late edit) haircut.

Like the Merck/Vioxx Gap, sometimes these moves mark a panic bottom in the short-term but that is not what I will speculate.

Reading BuyGoogle's interpretation makes an awful lot of sense to me . I am glad for blogs like this on day's like today when the hysterics rule and the noise is deafening - even if by title - the author is biased towards Google.

Howard, thanks for the kind remarks.

With a name like "buygoogle," you can be sure my blog isn't unbiased! But while I think Google has the greatest potential, I own Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, and some of the infrastructure stocks as well. We're witnessing an information revolution and there's room for multiple winners.

I just use the buygoogle blog to think through my investing rationale since writing for an audience helps rid the mind of intellectual laziness. Thanks for stopping by.
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