April 02, 2006

Growing Pains - Ebay style

Brett - one of the founders and CEO of golfnow.com just sent me an interesting e-mail. I have been biiitching (Dave Chapelle style) lately about everything not being perfect on our golfnow.com website. Not that I would know what perfect looks like anyways.


I was just on Rent.com website and on the right-hand side of the page is“before you move” and “after you have moved”. Under after you have moved it has phone service as a category and once you click on that, up pulls search listings powered by yahoo.

Guess who comes up on the top of the page? Vonage. Ebay pays 400 million for rent.com and 2 billion for skype so its competitor can advertise on its own website.

Nice to see even the big guys have growing pains.

Note to Brett - they paid $4 billion for Skype!!!!

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