April 21, 2006

Internet Brands - maybe it is a bubble?

The lamest, laziest investment I ever made was at the peak of the real "bubble" in the Nasdaq.

The company is Cars Direct . It is embarrasing. No excuse, just lamo!

The trend I was taking advantage of was really quite in vogue - invest in companies with "negative" gross margins! Oh baby - all in, come over the top, double down. I take no solace that nearly $1 billion in other money was vaporized with me in this deal.

I joke with my few remaining friends that I should have my graduate degrees in Finance taken away and I may get kicked out of my synagogue.

I had recently gotten wind that the whole stupid story had been respun under Internet Brands and there was even a possibility of an IPO. As my 8 year-old daughter tells me 12 times/day - "yeah right!"

Than today I came across this article . I am saving it just in case the synagogue calls.

I am a genius. I am back!

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