April 28, 2006

Microsoft - the EULOGY.

What ever happened to Microsoft - the economy.

I remember a time -pretty much my whole trading life - that if Microsoft was down 10 percent on the open, the US markets and maybe even the global markets - would be in disarray.

Mark this day in time!

It is a good day for wimpy kids eveywhere. Microsoft knocked to the carpet and the rest of the Nasdaq stood over it and YAWNED!


The rest of Microsoft's gang - Intel and Dell (those that hated them but stil hung with them in public - like the bully's gang walking down the halls of your high school) telegraphed this knockout punch with their recent results.

Apple - the nerdy, cool kid is really having his day.
Google - the new kid in school, sneaks off with a smile on his face.

THIS IS A HOLLYWOOD ENDING! Now I just have to cast it.

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