April 27, 2006

Microsoft - the story was obvious and the spin the same - BUT THE RESULT WAS DIFFERENT!

It is the reaction to the Microsoft spin after earnings today that is different. THE STOCK IS DOWN 6 PERCENT.

Google, Adobe, Apple and Sony. They are just too good and too tough.

As far as entertainment and media markets go - nobody wants to do business with the old bully Microsoft. They don't really need to anymore so there is no growth from this segment as well. I even notice Apple machines in the movies these days!

I frequent the Apple store. It is busy. It hums. Microsoft, Dell, HP - have no answer to this phenomenon.

I hear my buddy Blair returning his 5th Gateway laptop in 6 months - living in technical assistance hell.

Another convert! If he can switch - anybody can and will.

They have a stranglehold for now on the corporate market - but at the household level - it is no longer if, only when!

A sad day for Microsoft indeed and one which I thought may unfold in my post this morning.

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