April 04, 2006

One trend that may be over - HBO

There is only so far the Soprano's can carry you. Let's face it, the rest of the lineup is full of duds.

Deadwood - the least of the dead, but awesome swearing can only carry you so far.

Bill Maher - triple yawn!

6 feet under - more like 1,000 feet under!

Big Love - Big bomb! Could you pick a narrower market, with no swearing and no sex appeal and force that on your loyal viewers because the Soprano's is on before it. They should run Seinfeld reruns. A lot of HBO people need to get fired, and or relocated to Provo, Utah. No offense!

I can only watch an Ali G rerun - like 12 times - before even I stop laughing. Borat and chongweee are good but let's move on already HBO!

PS - can like 1,000 people get killed already on the Soprano's. It's getting a little feminine.

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