April 21, 2006

Power to the People!

Just got asked if I ever sleep. Obviously not a reader of my Ambien posts of love.

Actually, it was from Robert Maynard, founder of Internet America (stock symbol GEEK), back BEFORE the bubble (kudos, cheers to him). He has some cool war stories about taking on the big ISP dial up guys in the mid 90's (AOL). He left the Company in 1998. Today he is the founder of cool company idea - Lifelock.com . Taking on the big boys at those credit institutions - something that does not scare Robert. Talk about David vs. Goliath. I love that! As I understand Experion and the other credit entrusters, this is the biggest racket of ALL-TIME. Talk about companies that hate talking to people.

I became interested in this identity protection space when I read a TechCrunch piece on Trusetedid.com . If you take the time to read it, the comments were terribly negative, but I think this is a big space. Draper, Jurveston invested $5 million in TrustedID so a pulse exists.

I will be following this space personally as I like the guys at Lifelock and they are a local Phoenix company.

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