April 10, 2006

Racketeering - Verizon Style

It never fails. You need to call the carriers every three months and get a new - lower rate. I have it scheduled to call quarterly and take away their margins - just for kicks. I am never disappointed, only that I don't have the time to call every day and switch rates for FUN.

My phone and data bill was finally starting to trend around $300/month. Still seemed high, but lower than six months ago. I called to see what's new and saved $60 bucks A MONTH.

I am still pissed because they did not call me! Than again, why call me to put me on a better plan.

This is the exact reason that this has to go free. I estimate that in 18 months time, data is all I will pay for.

What a shitty business to be in. I get tremendous daily value and still feel ripped off on a grand scheme. Just pulled up the stock chart knowing what I would see and am not surprised - ZERO return for the buy and holder since the mid 90's.

OK - new merger idea

US Air, Verizon, GM - Nasdaq symbol CRAP (crap cubed)

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