April 19, 2006

The real bubble - BUBBLE TALK!

All the media talk of bubbles (Real Estate, China, Inflation, Oil and now Internet) is costing the investing public as much as it cost them near the end of the real bubble when the media said to buy stocks.

I like Mark Evans . He is on my blogroll. He is a good writer. He has readers!

But I have to strongly diasagree with his internet bubble talk .

That bubble burst. Big. Bad. Loud. Ugly. In the year 2000!

We are in the aftermath. There is smoke, fear, and on the fringe - some lunacy. THANK GOODNESS!

The fact that venture capitalists may be jumping over themselves to invest stupid sums (from very rich partners) in ceratin web 2.0 companies does not make a market a bubble. We are talking chump change.

When Google casts a valuation spell of any internet company, you don't have a bubble.

When companies can be created by trading a red paper clip - with a Mac Mini (Go Apple) an idea and some PR - and get to PROFITABILITY - you don't have an internet bubble.

We do have a bubble - IN BUBBLE SPEAK.

PS - One other bubble - Fat people. Now that will end big, bad, and loud, maybe not ugly - but smelly!

PSS - I think I just wrote a rap song!

PSSS - Om Malik is telling it like it is on the subject!

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