April 21, 2006

Screenwatching - a rare day for me.

Today, I am screenwatching the markets and typing as I think. I thought it might be an interesting day after the shellacking in metals yesterday.

Here are the interesting things.

Gold and Silver - Yesterday looks like it was just a mistake. They bounced back big and show amazing strength. The US dollar stayed weak through it all.

Oil - 1 billion year highs:) Guarantee the media will be ringing the panic register all weekend.

Google - just pasting their competition - MSFT, YHOO and EBAY stocks act lifeless. Pull up the charts and just think about what is really going on. Google goes up with rising oil, transportation, interest rates. They must have a cheap PC coming or maybe as I have dreamed on this blog - they buy Apple and put the real heat on Microsoft and Dell.

Apple - Like the sound of my fingers on my blackberry - they are "thwacking" their competition - even though the numbers do not show it quite yet. Look at Dell and Microsoft as a comparison. This is an execution show - plain and simple.

Malaysia a dog of mine forever - EWM, is showing strength - not on a relative basis but a sign of life is nice.

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