April 10, 2006

Seinfeld's Kramer vs. CNBC Cramer

As I have said countless times, I liked Cramer - ONCE. Now, he is a media sellout and the greater good is not served by GE being allowed to promote this admitted gambler/stock junkie into idiot's homes (most CNBC viewers - me for 20 minutes a day as well).

How can a three second disclaimer be enough for this many lunatic buys and sells of Google since December. How is this not different than internet gambling. An average 15-year old is smarter than the average idiot trading on this advice against the pro's.

This is criminal and I have said it before, we should be ashamed of the ratings. Chartreuse, - please explain to me this continuing phenomenon of Cramer. Can we expect it to end badly for him or is he that much smarter than everybody?

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