April 30, 2006


The sleep industry is BIG money!

So why the hell hasn't FaceBook.com started SleepBook.com?

Stay with me here:

The last time I slept well was in college. I slept on average 12 hours a day.

If FaceBook is worth $2 billion for their University customers awake half the time, why not keep them online and SELL THEM STUFF WHILE THEY ARE SLEEPING - doubling the price tag to $4 billion. Waterbeds, Ambien and Denny's would be lined up to pitch subliminal mantra ads.

The irony of this thought stream:

SleepBook.com is operated by an Online University search engine .

I have their slogan to improve enrollment - " Make money while listening to ads while you sleep and better yet finish your University Degree Online - while lying and/or sleeping in BED."

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