April 17, 2006

What would my house be worth...?

Can't help but think about my retirement if my home in sunny Phoenix was still mine when rates hit those Japan sees today.

O.K. back to the real world - that was nice.

This diversion made me think of a good idea. Zillow.com should offer a feature that shows what your home would be worth based on different interest rates - kind of like a Schwab reirement analysis based on your expected returns. Actually, I guarantee this will happen!

www.HomePriceMaps.com integrates how much homes SOLD for nationwide using the google mapping technology. Simply select city and state from the city menu and click search. If you don't see data for your area simply email HomePriceMaps@gmail.com with your zipcode and or address and they'll update the site with your info and email you within a few days.

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