May 05, 2006

Adios Lojack!

I am being stopped out of Lojack at the moment. I have been invested for over a year. I mentioned a few days ago that if they missed, the stock would be punished.

The stock is being punished, and my stops are all violated so it is punting time.

I have a feeling this stock will be back in my portfolio but the sales model is just not diversified enough for the perfect storm coming in GPS.

I have talked endlessly with the channel and salespeople and have been concerened that relying on a dealership sales model only is plain stupid.

Any kind of auto slowdown now could see this stock quickly below $15.

Any price that low is an entry point as this company would fit nicely in the portfolio of another GPS company or a diversified giant like GE. To make that bet though, I need to see another 30-40 percent knocked off.

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