May 03, 2006

The Akamai Express

Hated after the bubble at under $1 share and today added to the Nasdaq 100 index. Congratulations to one of those companies that survived the bubble and the loss of their leader Danny Lewin on 9/11 . UPDATE - It was Danny Lewin that was killed and not Tom Leighton as I had posted earlier - sorry to all for that careless mistake.

Eddy has a good post here .

I love this company although I loved the stock at $15 and am just riding this trend . My stop is all the way down at $24 so it looks like I have much wiggle room based on today's $34 closing price.

If Video takes off as expected, this company will be acquired at lower levels at worst or see a much higher stock price in the coming years.

danny lewin died. Not tom leighton. Tom is still with the company.
Corrected - sorry a careless mistake and thanks for the catch
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