May 09, 2006

Amazing Times in the Global Markets

I have been reading about the cross-currents all day.

Rates are on the rise around the globe.

The US currency is in free fall. Is the Fed helping this along or not able to control? Is the US irrelevant all of a sudden? Is China acting cocky?

Stocks are very strong on a global basis.

Oil supply threats, high oil prices and screaming commodity prices.

Confidence in our president is low and he has been comedically and politically roasted from two feet away (A must see bashing).

The stock market is very calm for such noise in the treasury and currency market.

I am very glad that I am not trying to interpret the tea leaves anymore. I really have not seen anything like this scenario before.

I am looking at the year-to date results of managed futures managers and commodity funds and it is amazing with some up 30-50 percent on the year.

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