May 23, 2006

Apple and Nike - joined at the bluetooth Shoe. Oakley and Sandisk lose again. UPDATE - Dell with a bad, bad idea.

Here is Apple's spin . I have no feel other than it is always good for Apple to partner and entrench.

Oakley so missed the boat here. Oakley, a brand which I love, is run by a man who shits on his shareholder's. As I have said before in this blog, he needs to be private. The stores should have been a homerun. Instead, they are a deathtrap as Gateway's were to Gateway. Hiding great products behind locked glass in a dark store is just plain stupid. Fred Wilson talked about how NOT to be abundant in this post . Jim Jannard (Oakley's leader) is showing how not to sell and make his products abundant based on the layout in Oakley stores. What a shame.

Oakley has great products and on that alone - should overcome and maybe thrive in the fashion/electronics brave new world. I have Oakley bluetooth and Oakley MP3 glasses. They are fantaspectacular (in honor of Don King - can't find the word in Wikipedia). The stores are the opposite - they are awfulorrible (Don King - no Wikipedia).

How about Oakley's genius idea to sell their glasses at Cingular stores. I don't think that can ever be forgiven. The complete annals of distribution stupidity for Oakley.

Sandisk has resorted to the shame and mockery angle to attract iPod users . Shame on them. They don't get it either. iPod is not unhip in the eyes of their owners. I am wayyyyy hip dude. I will leave final opinion on Sandisk's strategy up to Chartreuse as this site's marketing mind , unless he disagrees with me of course.

So, Apple seems to making smart alliances and their competitor's make silly one's. UPDATE - add Dell to the bad idea list for competing with Apple . UPDATE 2 - I just barfed when I read the concept in full.

Let's review - Fashion AND Technology with great distribution win this race. Apple is slamming it's competition hard on all three fronts.

I think you got this one exactly right.

Sandisk can't beat the iPod by attacking it that way. It's stupid.

There are so many other ways of getting market share without making current (and want to be) iPod users hate you.

Dallas over the Suns in 6
Heat then sweeps Dallas in 4
Please this is a Suns only blog :)
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