May 28, 2006

Apple MacBooks - Computer candy for 8-year old girls and their Daddy's will PAY!

I bought the new white MacBook today. What a powerful little toy. I figured it would be perfect for my trips back and forth to Toronto - good battery life, easy to carry, small and loaded with what I need. Too bad my daughter stole it!

She has an eMac in her room, but seeing the size, screen, portability and having the home wireless, she had her first Eureka computer moment. Thank goodness my son sucks at spelling and loves playstation. Otherwise he would be complaining about the new, OLD eMac just transferred into his room.

When I showed her what she could do with the Photo Booth application and built in camera, she was off. She made me get her an e-mail account and set up a blog for her on iWeb. iWeb is easy to navigate and learn. It may not be for wannabe pro's, but that is not who Apple is chasing here. It's just another piece of the total web experience. Rachel's first day of blogging was a huge success.

By mid august, at $999, expect this machine to be flying off the shelves across the country for BACK TO SCHOOL. FLYING! The built in camera is such a sweet feature that Apple will make work - BIG! The camera and iWeb will complete iLife and will make BLOGS the topic of conversation (not just Technorati talk) in America by Christmas. Kids will have had these for three months by that time - VETERAN'S.

BY THE WAY - the fuss over the keyboard is what makes this such a great kid's laptop. IT IS A PECKER"S DREAM. ADD MOST BLOGGERS (ME included) TO THAT LIST AS WELL. IT IS PECKER HEAVEN.

BY BY THE WAY - I REALLY WANTED the BLACK MAC, but at $400 more than the basic white one, even I would have had buyer's remorse. I think it is a sexy laptop color, but may be priced just too far out of the market - FOR NOW. That little pricing issue will be resolved by the fourth quarter by the Jobster if need be. Methinks it will need to happen, but can't blame him for trying.

Note, Tag, d.e.lici.ous, RSS, Digg, Rediit, Flickr, YouTube, e-mail, Feedburner, Skype, Crackleberry, VOIP, Ping - TO SELF:

*****Dell's third quarter sales missing again - BAD!
*****Apple has a big third and fourth quarter in PC's.
*****Someone takes a hostile run at Apple. They better!

Damn you Howard. Enjoy it, but damn you.

"Pecker's Heaven". I'm still chuckling...
From a poet like you that's my best reward in 5 months of blogging. Thanks.

Just digg it for me so others can enjoy my humor for once.

Blogs like this one, as well as your daughter's, warm me from the bottom of all my AAPL shares.

Since you didn't go for the black iBook, buy some shares for her college fund with the extra $400. ;-)
What's wrong with homeschooling and broadband?
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