May 18, 2006

Apple - a pillar of tech strength.

Apple is RUNNING ON ALL CYLINDERS - if you expect a tech turn, this is the stock to watch. If they continue to execute and the stock gets pummeled, that would be a tell that the market is in further trouble from these levels.

I am a consumer. I know why I love Apple products from the consumer side. I am not a techie and can't see the future of hardware or software.

The internet and blogging world allows me to do deeper research on the real future of Apple. There are many blogs dedicated strictly to Apple and their products. Pretty tame stuff overall.

BUT, I have been reading Michael Parekh for a while and he loves Apple. He was a partner at Goldman Sachs and focused on their internet division. He has some more depth into his Apple analysis and he agrees with me - a Trifecta!

I was reading a Wall Street Journal post about the success of Apple Stores - a little late fellas - and it sucked. Not worth linking. Michael took the analysis deeper and rewrote the lame article that captured the real reasons for success. He does it for free. Thanks Michael. I have added his link to the blogroll.

Here are a few other recent Apple posts by Michael here and here .

PS - I am a Job's fan. I don't listen to the critics. He has been magic so there is no reasonable argument against him. His magic AURA is being felt at Disney, at least in their doggedy dog stock price of late (since the PIXAR deal). Making that pig move is truly magic - Disney style!

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