May 16, 2006

The Blogroll challenge. A good week.

Some people just want to visit every baseball stadium to watch a game. I just want to meet and chat with the people in my blogroll.

This last week I got to spend some time with Bill Cara, Rick Segal and Fred Wilson. Awesome week. Learned a lot. Isn't that the point! I also said a quick hello to Steve Rubel from Micropersuasion. He ran into a testy Toronto audiience this morning that wasted a lot of time and upset me because I was there to hear from a smart guy. Big mistake Toronto.

Still can't figure out the difference between using THAN or THEN and forgot to ask Bill, Rick and Fred. At least I have a reason to keep calling them.

Been sharing some ideas with Charteruse lately so that is way cool as well.

I don't want to meet Kobe or Shaq - just Matthews, Maoxian and the Angry Aussie. Lot's more cold calls ahead for me.

Ha! Well, if you ever visit Melbourne I'll buy you dinner. I know a great Thai place with $7 specials.
Look out your window :)
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