May 01, 2006

Blogrolls - Finding people you can trust -- A GREAT TREND!

Blogrolls get little fanfare. Blogrolls are good. Blogrolls are your Appendix to your daily thoughts.

The best part of exploring blogs comes from the exponential blogroll lists that are to be discovered from writers you trust and respect.

I believe in the voices that I read. A recommendation from a trusted source is what companies like "My Space" and "Friendster" were founded upon.

For example, the investments that Brad Feld , Fred Wilson and Josh Kopelman make while networking amongst other Venture Capitalists and reviewing today's business plans is invaluable.

Yesterday for instance, Josh linked to the legal documents he uses when dealing with a venture investment. This is a great time and money saver for me to read and file away for later use.

In my opinion, that makes mistakes less excusable for people like me in the position to make investments. That's ok!

No one stays in vogue forever and you change your interests over time as life comes at you, but blogrolls can expanded and changed to reflect that. If I can retire one day, I would like to write about charities that I can help, 8 star hotels, 11 star restaurants ("...but we go to eleven.") , and fishing - I imagine my blogroll would look a little different.

I want to be right as often as I can and I would like to pass that ability on to my readers as well.

I can't filter my blogroll precisely for each reader but am happy with the way my blogroll is developing to help investors benefit from trends, make investment decisions and filter ideas.

For now it is my way to give something back.

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