May 15, 2006

Canada's 2.0 Conference - No bubble here!

Polite, clean, well dressed, showered, organized. Pretty much what you get in Toronto, Canada. Born and raised here, I guess I should have expected nothing less.

I have lived in the States too long I guess.

I was hoping for chaos, coffee, laptops pitching deals and partnerships, a little B.O. from the group that would be less focused on sleep and hygiene and more on raw energy.

Evans, Ingram, Stu macdonald - all did a great job pulling off a nice event, but I was hoping for more action.

The MARS building is a beautiful place for an internet event, a place for venture capitalists to hoise operations.

The most interesting part for me was listening to Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron talk about his views on internet media. Not a fan of the show, but a fan of their style and distribution saavy. This model will be replicated over and over so I have a great interest here and am excited about the potential.

Early movers will make money but how much is that content really worth. They are only as good as their last few shows.

I think Sony, Adobe and Apple benefit the most as usual. I am long all three so not a complete waste of time.

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