May 23, 2006

Cheerleading - Great at a Sun's game, Useless in the markets

The Lindzon Blog official cheerleader dude! Expect to see his/her/face often.

Today's award goes to Squawk Box. It was a joke. The professional sellers just pounded the bids late in the day to put a dagger in this morning's hype. I called it as such this morning.

I sold some of my Gold options purchased the last few days - thanks to the big gap openings in the first hour.

With today's late day and after hour meltdown we are finally closer to a bottom and the mood will be sour tomorrow on Squawk- guaranteed. I covered a few more SPY puts after the close.

UPDATE - Jeff Matthews wrote a funny Panic piece as well . Typical stuff you here close to a bottom as the individuals get scared out.

Oh dear god you've totally traumatised me Howard. I'm goign to make you pay for this.
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