May 08, 2006

Chipotles is en fuego!

I love Chipotles. It has been chronicled here. From my January 23rd post:

"I can't wait to get my hands on this IPO. It is sure to be a major winner over the next 10 years.You will have to pay up for this one, but it is the best restaurant going. Great margins and great food.I like it and I have shunned Mexican food my whole life. My friend Cole says this is the next Starbucks and that is a stretch. But, I have been eating the food consistently for a few years and the food is always great and the lunch and dinner crowds are crazy.The menu is thin, but on the other hand focused. Winner." END

Tonight the earnings did not disappoint. I have no idea what that means except the stock is up 7 at $65.

I am a trend follower but am selling my shares tomorrow other than a tiny amount.

I thought I would own it in the 20's but when it opened in the 40's, I felt jipped. At $65, you can have it. I will just keep eating there.

I will say this - whoever spotted this little deal at McDonalds should be running a restauarant hedge fund.

Cheers to McDonalds's for getting this one correct.

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