May 22, 2006


I live in Phoenix. It is hot here. Very freakin hot. It is too early (May) too be this hot. This is not the place to be for global warming. Two people melted right in front of me this weekend and there was nothing I could do.

The last few months I have been pitched some Ethanol deals.

I should be being pitched swamp coolers, air conditioning, cheap golf rounds, dust bowls, Turqouise and land near the Palo Verde nuclear plant.

I know this - I have an ostrich turqouise farm at Palo Verde to look at today! GOLDMINE BABY!

The last week has seen a gigantic selloff in Corn, PEIX, and ADM - the three first Ethanol plays I ran to look at after those meetings.


PS - As CNBC is now talking about the giant selloff, I may have to buy some soon.

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