May 24, 2006

Europe - EuYawn!

In a shrinking world - everytime I look at a flat map, I picture Europe just squeezed and getting smaller and smaller.

I know it's right in the middle, but you can fly across it now now and get to the important stuff - Asia, Australia and the America's. You want fighting - we got plenty of that in the Middle East and Africa, not those boring class wars in Europe.

When I look at the weak US Dollar, I understand the fundamentals at play. They are pathetic but WILL change.

But a strong Euro - PLEASE. Goldman and Merrill and Soros are going to leave that currency in the dust.

Think about the countries you are buying and know your ass is coming your way!

Last point - when you hear the cheerleaders of CNBC talk about how Europe markets are up so we can rally, or how they are down and things will be tough - DO THE OPPOSITE. One thing I left out in my "Honey you Shrunk the Trading World" post - you can disregard European (save Britain) markets when looking for trends and turns.

Last Last point - A Quid, Squibber (my term for the Pound) or Pound from good'ol Britain will always be O.K. with me.

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