May 05, 2006

Forget next week -this week was pretty interesting

I don't read much news anymore, just blogs.

It seems that if it is important enough I will get the real news filtered by the people I trust day in day out. They are smarter and more motivated than me so I can at least have some insight to a story.

Stock news, especially news about stocks I am long - only serves to confuse me and cause anxiety. It is not the news that is important, it is the REACTION to the news.

Three stock things stood out this week:

1. Apple was up while Microsoft and Dell remained weak. Google closed below its price from before their earnings announcement which is a weak sign. The earnings were fantastic - so WHY? The only company that continues to execute on all cylindars is Apple. I love that they are hated now. I need non believers for the stock to ciontinue higher. You would think that after a 600 percent run, everybody would be on board. Other than the occasional "I hate DRM - it is Apple's fault", all the news keys on Microsoft vs. Google.

I say fine. Tonight I read a good post over at Steve Rubel's blog . We see another angle Apple will exploit to solidify it's hold on the download world and keep iPod in charge. This is news. It won't be reported widely, but Steve's story is the real tech story of the week. Hidden in the story is a second piece of news. The eventual proliferation of PDF's in the mainstream world. Adobe is a big winner going forward and the brand is underappreciated and undervalued. Adobe's stock was smacked this week but should come on strong again soon - it better. Another big tech story - if it is true is here . It also relates to Apple. Imagine the lovely possibilities. Yes and one more real tech story - you guessed it - Apple. This notebook will sizzle over the summer and for back to school . SIZZZZle for SHIzzzzle.

2. Gold is just on fire and the US dollar is in the toilet. Rates continue to fly. I like these trends but too much easy money being printed in these trades so a "switcherooo" may be in order to remind people that losses are part of the game.

3. Research in Motion is weak. I think competition here is being factored in as an issue for the first time in years. Why would the stock be trading lower than the big settlement day if it was not? Nokia and Motorola must be getting closer to a solution. Microsoft - please - they just get further away.

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