May 27, 2006 - coming to a city near you!

It is fun to see the progress the team has made over at .

Our network is now supporting just shy of 1,000 public courses across the USA and Ireland.

The shift from a local areacode based strategy to the national brand, continues to gain momentum. Our Alexa rating - which I only look at from a trend perspective - is rocking consistently upward . As we move into the Northeast over time, the numbers should really surge higher.

Jacksonville, Charotte, Lexington, Omaha Nebraska and Palm Springs are now part of the network of cities enjoying the GolfNow benefits. The courses are golfers remain extremely happy. It is fun to see a model grow with passionate users now enjoying a simple rewards program, weekly tournaments and membership programs. The community is something that has developed in a nice viral way. I am excited to see new features that we will be launching get traction with our golfers and courses.

Congrats to the team for growing and keeping the courses and the golfers happy.

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