May 10, 2006

Google Finance - cool stuff!

I am really digging Google Finance. It will be the winner in this category.

I love the fact that they are they are scraping for blogs on individual stocks . I have been receiving many link throughs to my recent posts on Lojack.

I think his can only help bring better, wider coverage to stocks. Blogs take time and now I am encouraged to offer better insight into my strategies and ideas because I know that someone interested has a chance to see it.

I have always felt that the message boards which Yahoo Finance offers, are a wasteland. Bunch of freaks being mean and nasty.

Just yesterday, I had emailed Gabe Rivera, who created TechMemeorandum and asked him why he has not put one together for stocks. He said he has been getting the suggestion more often but suspected there is not enough blogging for his process to work. Google has figured out a good solution for now.

What this means for the lame AOL "Blogging Stocks" blog - I do not know, but Google's feature makes it seem totally irrelevant.

AOL - A-wful, O-ld, L-ousy ! Would anyone notice if they just shut down tomorrow?

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