May 09, 2006

Hansen's - Not believing your own shit can cost you as well.

I have enclosed a chart of Hansen's - a juice company. Obviously - as you can see from their stock performance - their juice cures cancer and heart disease and hair loss and toenail fungus and genitalia herpes AND does not cause rectal bleeding. A win/win :)

As a "trend follower" - using the systems I am looking at - there has been no reason to sell this stock other than comfort (the Lindzon disease).

Chipotle's and Gold could be on their way to bigger gains than these. Selling, like I did with Gold and Chipotle's made me comfortable and "feel" good upon locking in the profit, but I won't know what a Hansen's feels like.

Who's the asshole now?

Hansen is the maker of Monster energy drink, which is as popular a brand as Redbull. Basically crack in a can with 64 grams of sugar to help with the diabetes.
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