May 25, 2006

Kobe dunks on Nash - big woop.

Cool. Way to go. By the way, how is your summer Kobe. I love the title on this Video - Kobe is the MVP. Kobe dunking (obvious charge by the way which is part of the game as well) over Nash is like ME dunking over my son. A good idea for my first YouTube video by the way.

I am getting some fun flak over on the comments section at Chartreuse and my buddies in Dallas etc. I think Dallas is the worst 62 game winner in NBA history. Nowitzki can play for a German?, but he makes no one better. Look for him to start whining and bitching at his teammates early if they keep on struggling.

Alright buddy... it's ON until the Mavs put this series away (eventually). :)
Oh yeah? :)
Dallas people have no class - trolling and ripping is bad dude. Hats of to the Nowitzer and his wicked fallaway ugly as hell set shot. ugh
You sound bitter.

When is Chartreuse going to set up our post-game trash-talking posts?
YOu are up 2-1 - so

If suns win - you wear a suns shirt for 3 days and if Dallas wins, I wear a dallas shirt for 1 day and post it front and center on our blog for the appropriate time?

As long as you buy me the shirt.... it's against my religion to purchase Suns merchandise.

BTW, since I grew up in Houston (and left just after the Rockets humiliated you guys two years in a row on the way to back-to-back championships) I'm liking my chances.

All in good fun though. :)
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