May 22, 2006

Life is good - Sunsssssszzzzzzz win in sssszzzzeven

It was a perfect performance. The Clippers had the spirit ripped out of them late in the third quarter after an endless barrage of 3-pointers.

San Antonio would beat us pretty bad. With Dallas there is a bit of a psychological edge but Dallas is deep and big and fast and tough.

They have Mark Cuban. We have me. Edge to Cuban.

Shawn Marion is the wild card. If he is as confident and quick as tonight - we could upset Dallas.

The look on Cuban's face when Genoubli hit a 3-pointer made me feel sick for the guy. He cares so much. I am happy to have in here in Phoenix. I will be the guy trying to slip Ambien into his beer.

you gotta love mark cuban even though he can be an ass.

he's one of us.
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