May 01, 2006

Lindzon Profile Update

Today the Canadian dollar hit 90 cents. This is amazing stuff. You have to be Canadian to understand the latent inferiority complex we have developed over our "Loonie." When I was 22 (18 years ago, now just 16.2 in American) and moved to Phoenix, I was in charge of watching over my mom's money. Of course, the only smart thing I did was convert her money to US dollars. Over the next 14 years that seemed wise. The last 4 years have seen a complete wipe out of 14 years of gains. Thank god she does not read my blog.

There is good news - based on the exchange rate, my wife and I have been married less CANADIAN years than that stated in my profile. It is now exactly 12.1 in Canadian years. She owes me three gifts. I am on fire.

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