May 30, 2006

Mark Cuban is avoiding me!

I have enclosed my sincere invite to Mr. Cuban for he or a loved one, or Dallas VIP (ya right - Dallas VIP chuckle) to join me in my seats for Game 4. He has two hours left. Brian - get your private jet fueled from all that web traffic money as you are on deck.

In all fairness to Mark - it could be something I said here before the playoffs (what a putz I am) .

Dear Mr. Cuban:

In the pure spirit of networking and as a follow up to my recent post on the "Cold Email", I would like to offer you one of my seats for tonight's game. It is the fourth row, directly behind the Mavs bench.

You or your guest of choosing will be treated cordially, by me. In the spirit of sportsmanship, I will be happy to shake your hand before the game. Like you, I do not dare predict the outcome of games, but I can guarantee sheer joy at your expense if we win.

I can be reached at or 602-315-8920. I have heard you check your email every 2 hours so I will allow you 4 to respond.


Howard Lindzon

PS - I had deleted my original email from my crackleberry by mistake, but the letter was pretty close to this. This one may even have been more polite.

UPDATE - My son Max is the big winner as Mark has about 30 minutes to call. Looks like the big blow-off. I will go in search of writing a better "cold email" - suggestions appreciated to how it could have been written to get a proper response. My confidence is severly shaken :)

Checking the Southwest flight schedule now (since I obviously don't make any money from Copyblogger)!
If he accepts, Howard, I suggest a pair of earplugs as protection against Mr. Cuban's tirades!
Brian - I dont think you could logistically make it - my cell is 602-315-8920 if you are coming. Please do. I have a seat - obstructed view just for you. :)

Diane - I hear he has a gentle soul. At least his publicist says that.
30 minutres left Mr. Cuban. Maybe his TREO is broken?
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