May 30, 2006

Mark Cuban - your buddies paid $500 plus to sit next to me and were treated to a NO-SHOW by NO-WITZKI!

Rough night for Mark Cuban tonight. I tried to get with him a few times early but was rebuffed. He would have gladly chatted but each time I got close I was a second to late.

By late third quarter he had his head down two rows a head of me and I did not have the heart to interrupt his misery. It was sad but made me feel warm.

Nowitzki just got taken out of this game with our scrappiness and energy tonight. He has a nasty temper and if he ever wants to be MVP, which will be NEVER, he needs to stay in EVERY GAME. He phoned in his performance tonight. Not impressed.

It would be nice to get offered a seat to game 5 Mr. Cuban. I will pay my way to your lovely (gag, fingers and toes crossed) city!

I check my email every 15 minutes until I reach $10 million in net worth, so let me know.

PS - Please Robert - do your voodoo and write a poem for my phone that captures my scrappy suns .

Check it.
The Suns are rising.

I'm enjoying all of the terrible puns that are coming out of this series.

Let's hope Dirk has a tantrum, pisses off a teammate, and mails it in for the rest of the series... Actually, no. These playoffs have been so great that I want the Suns to win in a doozey.
Bruce - you rock. Now I just have to figure out how to download it buddy

Fraser - as fonzarelli used to say - coreectAMUNDO!
Robert - that freaking is hilarious and rocks. I will post later for my three readers. Not to worry though as this will be all over the city from my email list later today.

So simple, so sweet, so hilarious in its obnoxoisness. so HOWARD
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