May 10, 2006

Markets continue calm...

Leaving for New York and than Toronto today so was hanging around my office watching the markets.

A lot of nothing happened.

Fed raises rates another quarter point - Yawn (for the moment)

Cisco misses - Yawn. Is it an unwritten law that no one says John Chambers looks a lot like the German whose name sounds like "Shitler" ? Maybe it's just the hairline. He is really going for the strong close of a router sale below!

Gold up $7 - as I have few gold shares left to sell, I am now considering my 1976 Montreal Olympic coins and my Gold fillings that I got for my Bar Mitzvah - (lot's of dentists in the family).

Sony caves to Apple - good move for Sony (I own this stock and Apple)

More Apple stuff Love this quote:

"Another Bose executive said" What we need is for the MP3 vendors running the Microsoft operating system to get together and deliver a common port across all MP3 devices. We also need a common docking design so that people like Bose can develop common accessories. Currently Apple is the only one with a common port as a result accessory manufacturers are designing for the iPod Apple platform".

As my daughter Rachel says - YA RIGHT!
Apple is still untouchable here - that's me talking now.

Patrick Byrne of confirms he is demented . I hate tort lawyers but anyone that participated in secondary offerings offered by brokers should be entitled to damages.

HANSENS (HANS) up another $24 today - f@#Ck - I think my story of their juice curing cancer was picked up by the wires :) I wish.

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