May 05, 2006

Next Week should be interesting

Next week I am in New York with my wife for our 11th anniversary. Always fun being in New York. The following week will be in Toronto for Mesh Up conference and some cool meetings for sure.

All weekend to digest the new 6-year highs in the market and their should be mucho bullish attitude. Looks like the global stock run will continue.

Gold was very strong again today, but I like the position taken by Gold superstar Bill Cara .

I put out a few Gold puts but no real conviction. This Gold market could scream higher still.

A lot of breakouts and many new positions this week and I said goodbye to a few of my GPS stocks NVT and LOJN.

On the positive side was the big ups in Garmin, Gold and today, one of my sleep companies Resmed (RMD) up 10 percent.

I don't like selling ideas that I have conviction strong conviction, but thinking has cost me much money and good money management keeps me around.

Rules are rules. Lot's of fresh opportunities to look at these days.

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