May 22, 2006


I am reminded of the funny fight scenes at the end of Batman when you would see the words fly across the screen - YIKES, BOINK, EGAD, OOH, WHAM.

I am seeing serious selling today even though the averages won't really show it.

Even after this rout, it is amazing to look at the runs that some stocks and Global ETF's have had.

Take Russia play TRF which is down 35 percent in MAY. Guess what - it is still up 600 percent since 2001.

I am quickly seeing many of the stocks that I have followed get stopped out of their long-term trends based on the models I use. They are not just slipping over the line, they are crashing through them.

To step up here is for the brave and degenerate gamblers. I will actually have to watch Kudlow and than Cramer.

I have wondewred what all those Cramer listeners would do after a serious correction. He has laid some hurt on people as has CNBC.

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