May 22, 2006

Pigs at the Trough!

Jeff Matthews say Merrill is outing certain tech companies they follow with suspicious option grants . Duh!

$287 million for a Google salesperson and $21 million in pay for Energy CEO's who are not out drilling or discovering - yes this has been going on for a while - but the headlines get buried when stocks are rising.

We need a salary cap. David Stern should run the NYSE.

I have long been in favour of the proposal (I don't know who first put it forward) that the highest pay rate should be a known multiple of the lowest pay rate in a company with a cap on the maximum multiple allowable (say x100 if you want to be excessive).

I can't believe Google are making that mistake - you look at historical examples of this sort of thing (Enron, anyone?) and it's almost always a symptom of some deeper malaise. Short term behaviour being rewarded in a way that leads to long term destruction.
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