May 03, 2006

Raja Bell - stupid play by a smart man.

The scene was electric tonight and it was fun to see the Sun's play like they did all season. The Laker's Sun series has been an emotional one. It has been very physical. Tonight we blew the Lakers out and they looked more like the teams that entered the playoffs. The Laker's lazy and the Sun's active.

Game 6 will be wild and if the league is STUPID will suspend Raja for a clothesline of Kobe in the fourth quarter. The foul, while stupid, was harmless and part of a very physical matchup that has gone on for 5 games now.

Here is the clip and article - you decide . Raja is a mellow dude and took a nasty elbow from Kobe - right in front of me that the refs did not even call. Taken in context, Raja should be forgiven for the stupid emotional reaction.

This ESPN clip stuff is a winner by the way. What a brand. I love the way they have finally integrated the clips into the boxscore.

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