May 11, 2006

The "Red Eye" made me do it!

I am creature of habit. I like coming to New York on the red eye. I arrive in the morning for a full day and save $500 on a hotel.

If I have to pay, I stay at the Royalton - it's hip and lively. If Blair pays, I stay at the Manadarin Oriental.

I succumbed to an Ambien last night to catch a few hours of sleep on the plane. My wife did as well. I know - I am a junkie. Save it!

I don't overeat on Ambien as the media would lead you to believe, I just am a little groggy and forgetful the next morning if I don't get a full night's sleep. Forget about Ellen for 24 hours.

Flash forward 12 hours and we forgot Ellen's bag on the carousel at JFK. Woops.

Nice start.

Good news is they found it. Only thing missing - yep

The Ambien. Left us the sex toys, cash and dirty mags. Can't really blame them:)

PS - Most of this story is true!

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