May 25, 2006

Sex-Air (Air 2.0 and climbing) - Fly our extremely friendly skies!

The airlines are thinking of this:

I am thinking of this:

Air Lingus to offer - Orgy and Missionary flights

Cram 12 in a row in our NEW butter and jello filled orgy section.
If you hate crowds, fly in our missionary seats with that special someone.

Have fun with 2,000 new naked friends on our new Lingus 969's. Get DOUBLE mile-high awards.

Note to self - Passionate users that are willing to pay. Bubble Proof!

PS - Don't even get me going on the domain extensions for this airline.

I'm not sure if you get the ads in the US but a deodorant called Lynx here has trademark advertising saying the product has ludricous woman-grabbing powers - all very tongue in cheek. They have a series of ads for "Lynx Air" which are essentially the style of airline you are talking about. Gold members get to join the 'mile high club'.
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