May 12, 2006

Speech recognition - "Looking Good Billy Ray"

I hate calling companies, but you have to. Seems like more than ever. The printers were supposed to make paper use drop, but actully increased paper consumption.

E-mail and the internet were supposed to reduce our need to call customer service, but it seems to have increased the need.

I don't care about the why, just who may benefit.

I have been scoffed at by smarter people than me when I bring up speech recognoition companies. Lot's of unfulfilled promises and poor performance.

I think that this area is a big one . Nuance has been the early leader based on stock performance. I have owned a little for a while and it had a great run from $5 to a recent $13. i bought a tiny bit more today at $10.

They have been getting some traction and are hitting the road to spread the gospel .

I am looking for more ideas. Plantronics has always been a hardware stock I followed but have never owned it. They just have too many gaps in performance. I am testing out their newest wireless headset and so far so good. I just hate owning hardware stocks. Won't do it - unless it's Apple.

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